What not to do when someone is having a seizure

2019-12-07 19:18

Witnessing someone with epilepsy having a seizure can be truly frightening. But most seizures aren't an emergency. They stop on their own with no permanent ill effects. There isn't much you can doMar 13, 2012  Dos and Don'ts of Seizure First Aid. Would you know what to do if you witnessed someone having a seizure? These dos and don'ts could help you save a person what not to do when someone is having a seizure

Of course, seizures can also happen to people who do not have this type of neurological disorder. A seizure is just a symptom of abnormal electrical activity in the brain. This could be triggered by something as seemingly benign as taking asthma medication, staring at flashing lights, or not getting enough sleep, according to WebMD.

Knowing what NOT to do is important for keeping a person safe during or after a seizure. Never do any of the following things. Do not hold the person down or try to stop his or her movements. Do not put anything in the persons mouth. This can injure teeth or the jaw. A person having a seizure cannot swallow his or her tongue. Aug 08, 2019 Oftentimes, a person having a seizure will have some kind of identification card with instructions on who to call or what to do to help. Remember to remain calm and do not crowd around the person having the seizure. Links for Seizure Assistance what not to do when someone is having a seizure

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