Parker pen nibs sonnet

2020-01-26 17:12

Replacement fountain pen nibs for Parker pens including the Sonnet, the Duofold, the Urban and every other model from Parker. . These nibs all have an engraved design which is specific to that model, as well as the fit itself. Parker nibs are not interchangeable and will onyl fitParker. Founded in 1889, Parker has been responsible for such iconic designs as the Duofold, the Vacumatic, and the Parker 51. The modern Duofold Centennial and Duofold International pens revive this classic style in full and midsize versions respectively, while the Sonnet offers a stylish, streamlined, and highly affordable introduction to the world of quality fountain pens. parker pen nibs sonnet

The Parker Sonnet fountain pen is a timeless design from an iconic manufacturer. Available in a variety of lacquered and metal finishes.

The Sonnet has proved itself as a worthy successor to the Parker 75 , even though some pens have been known for having problems with the ink feed and drying out if left uncapped for some time. A problem that seems to affect the fine and extra fine nibs mostly, but still is problematic enough to give the model a bad reputation among collectors. The Parker Sonnet Black Lacquer GT offers Parker quality at a highly affordable price. Normally made available only in Fine or Medium, we are able to provide this pen with your choice from among the full range of Parker 18k solid gold nibs. parker pen nibs sonnet As with any pen you purchase from us, the Parker Sonnet Prestige Cisele Gold qualifies for our complimentary nib tuning services, which help ensure that your pen will be a superb everyday writer from the moment you receive it. Parker's 18k solid gold nibs also provide an excellent starting point for many of our popular nib customizations.

Sonnet a timeless symbol of elegance. A classic expression of refined style, Sonnet is Parker's symbol of elegance. With an array of designs, including the enduring Cisel pattern, every intricate detail is skillfully executed to bring sophistication to every writing occasion. parker pen nibs sonnet Sonnet is hand assembled and checked for flawless quality. The solid gold nib gives high precision and exceptional writing comfort for every occasion, coupled with a stylish and classic design. Available in a range of finishes, the Sonnet is a work of beauty, emblematic of Parker craftsmanship. Buy now

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