C# create dataset from list of objects

2020-01-20 18:29

Converting an object collection to a DataSet time to read 3 min 462 words There are many tools that tends to work only with DataSets, the most often cases are reporting tools or data driven systems.public static DataSet ToDataSet(this IList list) Type elementType typeof(T); DataSet ds new DataSet(); DataTable t new DataTable(); ds. Tables. Add(t); add a column to table for each public property on T foreach(var propInfo in go through each property on T and add each value to the table foreach(T c# create dataset from list of objects

Sometimes the origin of this generic object list is a DataSet that was populated from a SQL stored procedure. To populate the list of objects from the DataSet, one would have to iterate through each row in the designated DataTable within the DataSet and assign values to the object's properties.

Apr 17, 2018 To load data from a database into a DataSet, follow these steps: Start Visual Studio. NET. Create a new Console Application project in Visual C# . NET. Visual Studio. NET creates a Static Class for you, along with an empty Main procedure. Make sure that the project references the System and System. Data namespaces. Convert Object to the DataTable rows in C# . Here I will code how to convert the objects to datatable rows in a single column. All the business objects in particular class is going to be the column data of the Datatable, in the below code Mktdetails is my class and by creating the object am passing parameter to the objToDataTable function. Find the below code for detailed code. c# create dataset from list of objects The list is made of DataRow objects; thus, you must access DataRow member properties to get a field value. When you have several DataTable objects in a DataSet, you might want to use some type of join. The query shown in below code calculates the total order amount for each order from 1998 to the present. 2019 C# Corner. All contents

If you're using. NET 3. 5, you can use (an extension method) and then if you really need a List instead of just IEnumerable you can call Enumerable. ToList: IEnumerable sequence dt. AsEnumerable(); or List list c# create dataset from list of objects Mar 23, 2012  Public Function ExportDataTable(info As DataSet) As List(Of List(Of List(Of Object))) Dim result As New List(Of List(Of List(Of Object))) For Each table As DataTable In info. Tables Dim rowValues As New List(Of List(Of Object)) For Each row As DataRow In table. Rows Dim values As New List(Of Object) For Each column As DataColumn In table. Columns If row. IsNull(column) Then C# program that creates DataSet in using block. And: Fortunately, the DataSet provides the Namespace and Prefix properties to specify this.

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