No on 522 campaign

2019-12-09 07:13

Nov 05, 2013 On November 5, Vote Yes On 522. Funded by BioTech friendly corporations, the No On 522 has spend 22, 000, 000 on a misinformation campaign to keep information from consumers on what is in the theOct 19, 2013  Following the announcement earlier this week that Washington States Attorney General Bob Ferguson had filed a lawsuit against the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) for violating the states disclosure laws over the no on I522 anti gmo labeling campaign, the GMA has been forced to reveal the full list of donors. no on 522 campaign

Aug 19, 2013 Elizabeth Larter, communications director for the Yes on 522 campaign, which also relies heavily on outofstate money (Californiabased Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps is the top contributor at 700, 000) dismissed Bieber's concerns. It really shouldn't [drive up prices, she said. Food manufacturers are constantly relabeling.

Now, No on 522 holds the title for most money raised by any initiative campaign in Washington state history, period. Bankrolled by outofstate biochemical corporations and food industry The Washington, D. C. based food industry group on Thursday and Friday made two cash donations totaling about 3. 7 million to the No on 522 campaign, according to reports filed with the state Public no on 522 campaign Oct 28, 2013  The ads from the No on 522 campaign in Washington state, opposing the labeling of genetically modified food (GMOs), muddy and confuse the debate. Lets look at each of the claims their ads make, and address their flaws. My hope is that these clarifications will not only convince you, my reader, of the need for labeling, but also will aid

Sep 16, 2013 The ad also takes a jab at the No on I522 campaign, saying that campaign is funded by large corporations who only care about profits. The No campaign is, in fact, funded by only five corporations who have raised over 11 million; they have raised an additional 7. 8 million for their campaign since we last reported their contributions in late August. no on 522 campaign Sep 26, 2013  After being sued by a group of citizens called Moms for Labeling, the No on 522 campaignthey oppose the GMOlabeling initiative 522has The Yeson522 campaign has raised more than 6 million, a decent war chest in most statewide ballot campaigns, but dwarfed by the 17. 1 million so far that has been poured into the No campaign. No on 522 campaign shatters state fundraising record for ballot measures Posted by Lewis Kamb Foes of Initiative 522 the ballot measure seeking to require labels on genetically engineered foods Oct 08, 2013  Another large contributor to the No on I522 campaign is the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA). The GMA is like the U. S. Chamber of Commerce basically just a huge money launderer. The GMA has donated 2. 2 million to the No on I522 campaign. And theyve refused to name the food companies whose money this is.

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