Continuous charge distribution potential

2019-12-10 06:31

Electric Field from Continuous Charge Distributions. Calculations of electric field produced by continuous charge distributions in a rod, ring, and disk. 8. 02 Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism, Spring 2007 Prof. John Belcher, Dr. Peter Dourmashkin, Prof. Robert Redwine,Electric Potential due to Continuous Charge Distributions We can calculate the electric potential due to a continuous charge distribution in two ways. If the charge distribution is known, we can start with Equation 25. 11 for the electric potential of a point charge. continuous charge distribution potential

The continuous charge distribution requires an infinite number of charge elements to characterize it, and the required infinite sum is exactly what an integral does. To actually carry out the integration, the charge element is expressed in terms of the geometry of the distribution with the use of some charge density.

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