Moral argument for god objections

2020-01-18 15:40

The first key factor to understand in this argument is that Rachels suggests that the concept of a God one that is on par with the greatest conceivable being usually refers to that being as worthy of worship. The term worthy of worship, for Rachels, seems to refer toThe moral argument for God's existence is the idea that 1) there is an objective morality moral standards that exist outside of personal opinion and that 2) the best explanation for that objective morality is the existence of a moral law giver (God). moral argument for god objections

Sep 27, 2010  I have to admit that the moral argument is my favorite for the existence of God. Im not for sure if it is the most convincing for others (I would say that goes to the Cosmological and Teleological arguments). However, the moral argument is my favorite.

Moral arguments for Gods existence form a diverse family of arguments that reason from some feature of morality or the moral life to the existence of God, usually understood as a morally good creator of the universe. Moral arguments are both important and interesting. Nov 17, 2014  Here are five of the most common objections to the argument and why, in my view, they are not insuperable. 1. But Im a moral person and I dont believe in God. Are you saying that atheists cant be moral? The moral argument is not about belief in God. Rather, the argument usually deals with grounding and substantiating objective morality. moral argument for god objections Jul 26, 2017  A posttruth society is a society which is not concerned with objective facts, but rather, right and wrong are based on personal subjective feelings, tastes, and personal belief. As Christians, one of the best arguments we have for God is the moral argument.

Moral Arguments. Moral arguments for theism include attempts to establish the existence of God from some (alleged) fact about morality. Many people hold that objective moral values are required to make sense of certain facets of human life, for instance, and that God moral argument for god objections Here is the argument: If we say that moral obligations are commands that God issues and which He requires us to obey, we must be assuming that we are already obligated to follow Gods commands even before He issues any command at all. In other words, the fact that we have the obligation to obey commands issued by God is itself an obligation Jan 17, 2015 An Ignorant Objection to The Moral Argument 1 IF GOD DOES NOT EXIST, OBJECTIVE MORAL VALUES AND DUTIES DO NOT EXIST. 2 OBJECTIVE MORAL VALUES EXIST. Atheists may hold to premise (1) and affirm that neither God, 3 THEREFORE, GOD EXISTS! The moral argument is extremely powerful because the Identify and explain the two moral arguments for God's existence. What are Russell's objections to them? divine command theory [god commands right, god forbids wrong just bc god said so doesnt make it right (arbitrary) or if he commands something bc its already right that means right and wrong are independent of and prior to god Nov 25, 2018  Objection 3: Problems With The Argument From Moral Accountability You wrote Your first argument is from moral accountability, that people cannot be held accountable for actions that they had to do. But what about the multitude of Bible verses where God hardens peoples heart and then punishes them for it?

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