Chargin targe vs tide turner

2020-01-29 01:37

The Tide Turner is a communitycreated secondary weapon for the Demoman. It is a worndown ship steering wheel with various pieces broken off. The Tide Turner, like the Chargin' Targe, allows the Demoman to perform a Charging maneuver, with benefits including a temporary boost of speed, shield bash and melee damage boosts which scale by distance, and the immediately removal of afterburnJun 25, 2014 Tide turner may just be left as is considering anyone that actually mained demoknight before the release of this weapon already had full turning control while charging. I mean obviously now you have advantage of refill meter. I love this shield but it wrecked the chargin targe and wee booties. Idk should have just made a buff on existing shields. chargin targe vs tide turner

all have there use pick what you need it to do. charge n targe is a defence one use if you dont charge much, spindid screen is a nice one for close range charging and boosts the only one can can 1 charge crit a non overhealed heavy. and last tide turner is good for more open areas where can use the turning well.

Weapon battle thread: Chargin Targe vs. Tide Turner vs. Splendid Screen submitted 4 years ago by Justanonbeliever It's been a long time since we've had one of these. The Tide Turner is a secondary weapon for the Demoman introduced in the Love& War Update. It is a worndown ship steering wheel that functions similarly to the Chargin' Targe. This weapon gives the Demoman a 25 resistance to fire damage (including afterburn) and explosive damage. chargin targe vs tide turner Sep 19, 2015 Chargin' Targe is for being a tank. Tide Turner is for mobility. Splendid Screen is for damage

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