Star trek voyager end of time

2019-12-09 16:38

Dec 12, 2011  Voyager didnt kill Star Trek but it signified the beginning of the end. The things which did kill the franchise, putting it in a tailspin which could only be solved with the current reboot, all started here.Endgame is the series finale of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: Voyager, episodes 25 and 26 of the seventh season and 171 and 172 in the overall series. It was originally shown May 23, 2001, on the UPN network as a doublelength episode and later presented as such in DVD collections, but it is shown in syndicated broadcasts as a twopart story. It is the final Star Trek star trek voyager end of time

May 23, 2001 The doctor makes it back with the crew at the end, in fact he is at the party in the beginning which takes place 10 years after Voyager's 23 year journey home. But in Star Trek: Voyager: Living Witness his program had been taken offline and turned back on 700 years later in the Delta Quadrant. However, the two doctors were different copies.

The Star Trek franchise continues as the crew of the USS Voyager follows a Maquis ship into the Badlands and ends up 70, 000 light years from home. The suggestion that this vessel would be commissioned and taken on its first mission in the Star Trek: Voyager pilot episode Caretaker was notated in a compilation of development notes by Jeri Taylor, dated 8 August 1993 (even before the ship itself, the series, or the episode had been named). (A Vision of the Future Star Trek: Voyager, p. 186) star trek voyager end of time Future's End. Future's End is a twopart episode from the third season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: Voyager, the eighth and ninth of the season and the 50th and 51st overall. Future's End made its debut on American television in November 1996

Nov 06, 1996 Storyline. Flash forward to the 24th century, where Voyager is on its trek back to the Alpha Quadrant. An artificial temporal rift opens in front of them, and a Federation vessel from the 29th century emerges. The pilot, CAPT Braxton, says that Voyager somehow is responsible for a temporal disruption in his time that destroys Earth's solar system. star trek voyager end of time Nov 07, 1996 Both Voyager and a 29th century Federation Timeship, the Aeon, are pulled back in time to Earth in the late 20th century. Seven of Nine returned to Earth with everyone aboard the USS Voyager at the end of Star Trek: Voyager. After that is 100 unknown in Established Star Trek Canon and will have to be answered in Star Trek: Picard since she will be in there. Accordin Aug 31, 2015 For a series like Voyager which had such a wide swath of themes and characters, it's impossible to declare a 'best season' or a worst one, though the 1st year of Voyager, like Next Generation, was the weakest. This is a musthave season for any Star Trek fan or Voyager fan.

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