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The name for the clone is The Phoenix. Big Tree Park is also home to the Senator's sister tree, Lady Liberty , an approximately 2, 000 year old Bald Cypress Tree. This property was donated to Seminole County by Senator M. O. Overstreet and dedicated by President Calvin Coolidge in 1929.Mar 31, 2016 A Sanford judge today ordered Sara Barnes, the drug abuser who unintentionally set fire to The Senator, one of the world's oldest and biggest bald cypress trees, to prison. Barnes, 30, of Maitland big tree park the senator

Mar 28, 2017  The oldest and the biggest bald cypress tree in the world was called The Senator. Standing 125 ft (38 m) high, it was located in Big Tree Park in Longwood California. The Senators estimated age was 3, 500 years old, making it one of the five oldest trees in the world.

28 reviews of Big Tree Park My first time at Big Tree Park in Longwood, FL. The Big Tree Park was home to the Senator tree before it burned down from arson in 2012. The Senator was 3500 years old and was the 5th oldest bald Cypress tree in the to open a road leading into the park. Since the donation, the Big Tree has been known affectionately as The Senator. In 1929 President and Mrs. Coolidge visited the tree where he made a speech and dedicated a bronze plaque. In the 1930's Big Tree Park was big tree park the senator May 06, 2018  The park is between US 1792 and SR 427 in Longwood. Hike. 0. 0 Leaving the parking area, you pass a clone of The Senator, the Big Tree and the reason Big Tree Park exists in the first place. As old Florida postcards can attest, Big Tree Park has been a major tourist attraction for decades. Clone of The Senator near the parking area

Lady Liberty is a Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum) located in Big Tree Park in Longwood, Florida. The tree is over 2, 000 years old and stands 40 feet (12 m) from the former site of The Senator, a 3, 500yearold Pond Cypress that burned down on January 16, 2012. With the Senator's demise, Big Tree Park has taken greater notice of its last remaining giant and has taken steps to ensure its big tree park the senator Jun 08, 2014 The Senator was a beloved symbol in Big Tree Park in Longwood, Florida. After it was destroyed, several local artists took pieces of its charred remained and used them in art installations to Mar 04, 2018 Upon returning to. our car, admittedly somewhat disappointed, we noticed a hike and bike trail cutting across the front of the park entrance. Wanting more exercise, we elected to explore this trail. Turns out, Big Tree park is part of a greater forest preserve, with a trail winding through 3 miles or so of walking and mountain bike trails. Apr 26, 2014 The Senator shares Big Tree Park with one other big bald cypress formerly known as The Companion . This tree stands more than 40 yards from The Senator . In 2005 students from the Geneva Elementary School officially named the tree Lady Liberty . Mar 04, 2018  Small park, two covered areas, Big Tree gone I used to visit the park often until a druggie burned down The Senator. The park is nice for picnics, walks and viewing a little history. Date of experience: August 2017. Get quick answers from Big Tree Park staff and past visitors.

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