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2019-12-14 03:29

In a nutshell, the installation of Debian on your QNAP HS210, TS21x or TS22x works like this: you use the QNAP firmware to write a Debian installer image to flash. When you restart your device, Debian installer starts and allows you to login via SSH to perform the installation.Update on: Due to a still high interest in this post I added USB device partitioning and other small things. After using my Seagate Dockstar more than one year, a friend moved into town and wanted something similiar for home uses Now as the pogoplugs are too pricy and old Dockstars are pretty rare in Europe (and even then around 60 used) kirkwood debian wheezy new sh

Installation guide of Debian on plug computer. The Installation. The installation itself should be pretty standard and you can follow the installation guide. The installer knows about all supported plug computers and will create a bootable kernel and ramdisk at the end of the installation.

This way is only recommended when you are already running a Linux distro other than the firmware pogoplug distribution. In my case, I have my dockstar running on ArchLinux, but I wanted to try the new Debian Wheezy on it. Debian on Marvell Kirkwood Kirkwood is a system on a chip (SoC) from Marvell that integrates an ARM CPU, Ethernet, SATA, USB, SDIO and other functionality in one chip. Kirkwood is targeted at Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, digital home media servers, plug computers and other devices. kirkwood debian wheezy new sh Dec 20, 2013 I got myself another cheap PogoPlug E02 from Adorama. It is sold as a model P21, but I actually got the E02, which is nicer (better processor, more RAM). Steps to install Debian Linux on the PogoPlug 0. start up the PogoPlug, no drives attached 1. SSH into the PogoPlug (default password: ceadmin) 2. Disable the PogoPlug Service killall hbwd

It looks for debootstrap by looking for the oldest one on the mirror, which is of course currently the squeeze version, which does not support the option it then passes to it (and is not recommended for creating a filesystem for wheezy anyhow). kirkwood debian wheezy new sh Debian on Kirkwood devices. Kirkwood is a system on a chip (SoC) from Marvell that integrates an ARM CPU, Ethernet, SATA, USB, SDIO and other functionality in one chip. Debian 7 (wheezy) will be installed to your SATA disk and the QNAP firmware on disk and in flash will be replaced with Debian. sh flashdebian. Please note that this Aug 02, 2012 Then reboot with that new usb drive as the only usb device and you will be running a sufficiently new kernel that you can start the wheezy process. There is a circular thing here, yes. The trick is to do everything as outlined except that your blank future wheezy will be plugged in after bootup as well as the rescue filesystem, but mounted on fdisk devsda# Configure partion 1 as Linux (I'd recommend making this at least 512Mb. The default barebones installation uses 280Mb. )# Configure partion 2 as Linux Swap (I used 256MB. Debian Install Scripts. Contribute to development by creating an account on GitHub.

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