How to make a baby age in sims 3

2019-12-09 15:48

Hair can be changed while the toddler is selected by clicking a mirror. Make your Sims 3 babies look really cute (or really ugly). Growing From Toddler Sim to Child The Next Birthday Party When the toddler is ready to age up, you can again throw a birthday party for the little tyke. It's a great mood booster.I have a family that wanted to have a birthday party for the new baby (infant, not toddler). They threw the party and bought a cake, but the only option on the cake was for the parents to grow up, no help baby with birthday option like on the Sims 2. how to make a baby age in sims 3

Jan 03, 2010 Best Answer: click the menu button [3 dots bottom left switch households to sim that is pregnant, then buy a cake from the store or in buy mode. click on the cake [as parent click blow out candles, then pick the baby's name! You have to bring her in the household or wait until she birth.

Jul 21, 2012 Get abducted by aliens. Male Sims at the young adult stage or older have a 1 in 3 chance of pregnancy when abducted by aliens. The baby will be completely alien, and unrelated to the father. Here's how to achieve this: Install the Seasons expansion. You could aslo try typing in ctrl shift c, and typing in testingcheats true and shift click the sim and see if there is an option to age up like there was in sims 3 how to make a baby age in sims 3 Birthdays are the normal method of going through age transition in the Sims. If you don't have a birthday party, your Sim will be forced through an age transition at the end of the birthday. The Sims 3 game will warn you when your Sim is about to have a birthday, and you should be prepared when they are about to age or grow up so that they can have a nice party.

So I want to start a legacy but without cheating . I want to make a big generation of vampires. So I have my first baby and I usually do age them up when I am bored of waiting, but I want to know your opinions as well. Do you age up your babies manually or let them age naturally? This age is kind of boring. YES! The Sims 4 babies are very boring. how to make a baby age in sims 3

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