Why does macho man hate hogan

2019-12-07 11:31

Feb 04, 2011 Why do so many people hate Hulk Hogan? we have to remember Hulk Hogan made pro wrestling where it is today, is HBK that much better than hogan, is taker He held back Randy Macho Man Savage n he had all the Charisma to make the Madness more explosive than Hulkamania! ! ! Hulk just came before Macho Man that s it! ! ! !Nov 29, 2012 Why did Macho Man hate Hulk Hogan so much? I watch interviews with Macho Man and when Hogan was brought up, he'd call him a punk and say that he wasn't a good guy. I know wrestling is scripted, but there are real human emotions there. why does macho man hate hogan

Sep 24, 2008  What did Macho Man Randy Savage do, to get banned from WWE for life? Why does Vince get angry and strange every time Savage's name is mentioned and

May 24, 2007 Bubba asked Hogan if he would ever work with Macho Man again, and Hogan said he'd like to bury the hatchet. Then one of the talents on the show mocked Macho Man in a great soundalike voice and said something close to, Terry, I love that young, tight vagina Jan 19, 2014 Hi, just registered today and I was wondering why do so many wrestlers hate hulk Hogan so much I've seen so many interviews on YouTube where wrestlers bash hulk Hogan and was wondering is he really that bad? Is he really an ego maniac? Macho Man Randy Savage 8. Stone Cold Steve Austin 9. THe Rock 10. Andre the Giant why does macho man hate hogan Why does Randy Savage hate hulk hogan? Hulk Hogan or Macho Man Randy Savage. Both were famous wrestlers who crossed over into television commercials and movies.

Mar 11, 2012 From what I heard, when Elizabeth was ready to divorce Savage, she consulted with Hulk and Linda. Macho Man took offense, and he and Hogan were lovehate from there on out. why does macho man hate hogan Jan 13, 2015 Macho Man Randy Savage HATES Hulk Hogan. . And the WWE is having Hulk induct him into the Hall Of Fame# Joke. Hulk Hogan, on the aforementioned Jericho podcast, talked about a time when he and Savage crossed paths, where The Macho Man appeared to be in great shape and wonderful spirits. Hogan's current wife, Jennifer, invited Savage to join them for a cookout, but he suggested they talk over the phone instead. Sep 22, 2016 Hulk Hogan is the most beloved or the most hated wrestler among his peers of alltime, depending on who you ask. It kind of works the same with the fans: Millions love him for how he turned the company into a global powerhouse, but many also hate him and feel left down for his racial comments that were leaked over a year ago. Jan 01, 2007 Hogan vs Macho Man Wrestlemania 23, 11: 23 PM# 6: mrslackalack. Mr. Slack A Lack Jack! Posts: 4, 392 Hogan said on the Hulk Rules DVD that back in 92 Savage blamed Hogan for his divorce with Liz (as Liz had stayed at the Hogan house and never came back) In 94 Savage called Hogan and said he was sorry and talked about comign to WCW

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