F16v vs su 35

2019-12-12 14:13

Apr 25, 2019 I believe the context of this question is F16 the block Pakistan has flown by their pilots and SU30 MK(I) flown by Indian pilots. F16s flown by American pilots would be deadly against any other planes flown by any other pilots except Russians.Sep 23, 2015 Russia's Su35 Fighter vs. America's F16 Fighting Falcon: Who Wins? Moscow and Washington's most admired fighter jets go to war. Who is the winner? f16v vs su 35

Jan 18, 2017  Dassaults Rafale Fighter Performs Validation Flying Display at Paris Air Show 2017 AINtv Express Duration: 8: 52. Aviation International News 158, 810 views

In 2014 Chinas Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) placed its largest order for foreign fighter jets in over a decade a 2 billion contract for two dozen Su35 4 generation air superiority fighters from Russia. The most capable fighters in the Chinese fleet has previously been the Su30MKK, acquired from Oct 14, 2018  The complete question would is is the Su35 superior to the F16 in X, where X is the mission. On the surface, the two are radically different aircraft. Picture from this web page, How to Shoot Down a F22? shows the size difference between the f16v vs su 35 Sep 19, 2016 Russia's Lethal Su35 Fighter vs. America's F35, F15 and F16: Who Wins? Can Moscow's best take on Washington's top of the line fighters?

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